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  • Jaqueline Mabuza

Why you should choose a guided game drive over self-driving game drive.

Guided game drives are adapted in open safari vehicles which can accommodate up to 10 people at a time which provides an intimate experience. Our guided tours start at the crack of dawn, this is the best time for a game drive considering wild animals stick to their own schedules so this will give you a better chance to spot big cats returning from a night of hunting.

Guided game drives mean that you are going to have a professional trained guide from start to finish of your excursion, this will allow you to have access to roads which are restricted to self-drivers where you get a better chance to see exotic animals, we can say this is a privilege.

a safari vehicle

A guided tour in an open safari vehicle allows you a view from the above so you can see into the bushes where most animals like to hide, the vehicle that you ride in on your tour will significantly offer you a better view of your surroundings . The drives may be shorter than self-driving tours but are more intense and provides full experience of the park, covering the most important parts this is a great value of money, choose quality over quantity.

Experienced guides know when it is safe to approach animals, how to best position the vehicle for best maximum viewing and which safety measures they should take if anything goes wrong. choosing a safari with a guide will give you a much greater opportunity to explore the park. The guides have a vast knowledge of the fauna and flora of the Kruger national park, they are also aware of the animal’s movements and usual spots.

Tour guides are well knowledgeable when it comes to wildlife and will be answering most if not all questions you might have about the wildlife, they will briefly narrate on the history of the Kruger National Park you will surely learn something new and leave with a richer mind .It is a great opportunity for people visiting South Africa and wanting to learn something new .On your tour you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who can tell you everything that you want to know about your surroundings .You can ask as many questions as you want, so there is no limit to what you can learn on your trip.

Tour guides

Guided safaris are beneficial for people who enjoy the luxury of complete leisure as you will be driven around instead of driving yourself, you get to relax and be in the moment, appreciating nature and the beauty of Africa’s wilderness side you can concentrate on the breathtaking landscape that makes Africa such a popular travel destination.

Most animals are afraid of human presence ,however they have no vision towards safari vehicles ,this way you can get closer without them feeling threatened by your vehicle ,studies have shown that wild animals existing in parks view this type of vehicle as one object which is not associated with therefore you can safely view and admire lions, hippos, leopards and other endangered species without the fear of them attacking ,as long as you listen to your guides and stay within the vehicle while remaining quiet .

If you are interested in going on a night drive in the park, a guided safari is very ideal for you. Parks do not allow self-drivers to be inside the park ,only qualified guides can drive guests to designated areas of the park at night for both yours and the animals safety .you may even see lions on a night hunt and a variety of other events that only happen after the sun goes down.

Going on a safari is a great way to support preservation of some of the world’s most beautiful wild areas. The conservation fees for the park help support the conservation efforts to save the specie and prevent extinction so the next generations to come can also have the privilege to witness the pride of Africa. Guided game drives are also a way of ensuring safe and responsible game drive.


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